This project is based on an understanding of research as a creative human cultural-social activity, and is informed by practices and perspectives in the arts, humanities and health sciences. Patients with head and neck cancer face a myriad of challenges. However, the complexity and depth of emotions patients experience can often transcend everyday language, particularly for those who face communication challenges or isolate themselves due to various degrees of physical disfigurement and psychosocial dysfunction that often result. In our work, we are exploring the shifting, subtle, layered, and conflicting experiences of cancer patients over the course of their illness, treatment and recovery, through the metaphoric language of the arts (fine arts, as well as narratives and performance). By illuminating their experiences, we hope to engage communities in thinking about, and imagining responsive solutions to the challenges people who have experienced head and neck cancer face.

The larger project, exhibition, and book publication have been generously supported by the following organizations and funding bodies:

  • dc3 Art Projects
  • Killam Research Fund (UAlberta)
  • Kule Institute for Advanced Studies (UAlberta)
  • Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (AIHS)
  • Faculty of Arts (UAlberta)
  • Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (UAlberta)
  • School of Dentistry (UAlberta)
  • Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM, UAlberta, Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services)